Here at Rock Syndicate Records we like to think of ourselves as “non-traditional” when it comes to being a label. We don’t always look for a specific type of band within the rock/metal scene, we go with our gut and bet on a band we can build a relationship with. Of course we have requirements, (see our submission page for some tips) but we strive to build a long lasting relationship with bands that benefits both parties.

Being part of RSR means that you have the full support of our team! Music marketing, especially when it comes to band promotion and the hype leading up to a new release takes a lot of work and timing. We work with each of our bands on promotion, handling all of the marketing tasks needed, manufacturing CD’s, apparel printing (merch) and product fulfillment. Unlike other labels, we invest in YOU. WE front the money for CD’s and merch and handle all the sales, shipping and marketing so you can do what you do best…making music! Contact us or submit your band to find out more.


Because we want to work with and help as many bands as possible,  we decided to offer some of our label services to ALL bands. Each of the services listed below are available from RSR and it’s trusted partners as a package deal, and we call this our “Affiliate” package.

“Affiliate” bands get all of the same benefits of being officially signed, minus RSR fronting money upfront for band expenses like recording and merch. If your band becomes an affiliate band, you  will be able to list us as your label,  we will add you on our site, promote you, and help all correspondence between your band and stations, potential sponsors and promoters will carry the RSR letterhead.  All services are provided by RSR and it’s partners.

In order to qualify as an affiliate band, you need to sign on under the “Band Management” service for a six month contract, and there is a fee involved, although it is less than HALF of what others charge for a third of the services we provide.  Contact us for more details, and to set up a time to discuss it over the phone and see if it’s the right thing, at the right time for your band.

List of Services:

  • Logo Design
  • Flier creation
  • Lyric Video’s and video editing
  • Band Management**
  • Radio Submissions (internet and FM radio stations)
  • Podcast submissions
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Promotion and brand management
  • EPK creation
  • Digital Distribution
  • CD manufacturing(to include ON-DEMAND printing)
  • T-Shirt creation and production
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Product Sales in RSR store
  • Recording/Mastering services
  • Booking (USA)

**Band management includes scheduling interviews,radio submissions, podcast submissions, promotion and brand management